There is always some way to connect to the community in Sunnyvale.

Welcome to Sunnyvale

An enchanting, family-friendly town in the Santa Clara County
Sunnyvale is located in Santa Clara County and after San Jose, it is the county’s second most populated city with 155,800 residents. Like most of the bay area, Sunnyvale enjoys warm, sunny summers and dewy, wet winters. With 772 acres of parks and green expanse, and primarily ranch-style single-family homes, it is the perfect city to raise a family in. There is no lack of playgrounds, parks, and picnic areas to take advantage of on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
Downtown Sunnyvale is just as cozy as the suburbs, as it exemplifies a quaint, small-town feel. The historic Murphy Avenue is a pedestrian-only street lined with trees and outdoor seating offered by the restaurants on the avenue. On Tuesdays, you can catch the Mobile Farmers’ Market on Olive Avenue to pick up locally-grown produce at affordable prices. There is always some way to connect to the community in Sunnyvale, as you can head down to the newly renovated downtown to find restaurants, shops, and entertainment to fill your day.

What to Love

  • Enjoy sunny summers and dewy, wet winters 
  • 772 acres of parks and green expanse for public use 
  • Beautiful suburbs with primarily ranch-style single-family homes 
  • A newly renovated downtown full of food and entertainment

Local Lifestyle

Sunnyvale residents carry themselves with a sense of pride in their city, and they show it by encouraging everyone to shop locally. Whether you’re partaking in downtown’s alfresco outdoor dining or visiting the Bean Scene Café for a cup of coffee, you can be sure you’re supporting your beautiful community. 
If you’re an art fan, you can find over 150 pieces of public art all throughout the city. You can hit the town and find the pieces scattered throughout the city, or you can enjoy the art from the comfort of your home by seeing the entire collection on Sunnyvale’s Public Art Archive. Since the 1980s, the city of Sunnyvale has required private development to include public art as part of their building; this has assured the culture and history of the city remains alive for all to partake in.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The restaurants of Sunnyvale encompass a great variety of cuisines from around the world. Head to Burma Taste for Burmese cuisine you won’t soon forget with crispy pork belly or sweet chili tofu or reserve a table at Sweet Sicily Italian Restaurant for a mouth-watering taste of their lasagna della nonna and tiramisu. Eat your way through the fine restaurants the city has to offer and you’ll experience culinary bliss. 
For a laugh, residents have the Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club nearby. Opened in 1984, Rooster T. Feathers has hosted big names like Dana Carvey, Ellen Degeneres, and Jerry Seinfeld. You never know what new talent you might discover at the comedy club.

Things to Do

While you can enjoy food and entertainment all throughout Sunnyvale, there is also space in the city for the tranquil. C.J. Olson Cherries Farm is a century-old family farm that grows and harvests bing cherries and Blenheim apricots. Take a day to pick up some fresh fruit, dried fruits, or chocolates. 
The Sunnyvale Baylands Park also offers a beautiful 70 acres of parkland where everyone is welcome to picnic, bike, and lounge. You can always find something to do in the beautiful Sunnyvale.


Sunnyvale has a total of 80 wonderful, top-rated schools to offer their residents.

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