Redwood City

The city has not stopped revitalizing the city to meet up with the demands of the modern world.

Welcome to Redwood City

Charming, historical city celebrates the old and the new while upholding community standards
The vibrant Redwood City is the third-largest city in San Mateo County and is nestled near the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Francisco Bay. As the oldest city in the San Francisco Peninsula, it champions the importance of history and community. Redwood City partakes in the National Historic Preservation Month every year by encouraging residents to celebrate local history with tours of the historic districts of Main Street, Stambaugh-Heller, and Mezesville. 
While the residents love to remember the historical roots and heritage of the land, the city has not stopped revitalizing the city to meet up with the demands of the modern world. Redwood City has just finished revamping the downtown area, as well as building newer condos near the city’s train station. Above all else, this city holds the community close to its heart; feel at home with the friendly neighborhoods in the area. Most of the neighborhoods in the city are part of neighborhood associations with the sole purpose of keeping residents connected and strong.

What to Love

  • Short commute to the greater Bay Area 
  • Redwood City has historical significance and encourages residents to celebrate its heritage and historical roots 
  • The new downtown area and condos near the city’s train station 
  • Neighborhoods connected through neighborhood association

Local Lifestyle

Redwood City has an active Parks, Recreation and Community Department that provides sports leagues, after schools programs, and hundreds of other programs to its residents year-round. In case you’re interested in golf, basketball, or art, you can find a class to fit your interests. 
But the fun doesn’t stop there because the city’s events calendar is invariably filled to the brim with things to do. Family fun is always in reach in Redwood City.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The food in Redwood City does not disappoint. If you head to downtown Redwood City, you will be met with an assortment of options to choose from. Milagros, a Latin American restaurant, offers patrons indoor and outdoor dining, as well as takeout and delivery options. This authentic Latin American kitchen will blow your mind with mahi mahi ceviche, roasted carnitas tacos, and sizzling skillet fajitas. You also won’t want to say no to their desserts — whether you get the churro sundae or the chocolate cake, you won’t have an ounce of regret. 
Shopping in downtown Redwood City is a unique experience. Downtown Redwood City has been dubbed “the Anti-Mall” for its emphasis on smaller, family-owned shops, boutiques, and grocery stores. When you shop downtown, you are supporting your community and your neighbors. With over 100 stores in the downtown area, there are plenty of choices for your shopping experience.

Things to Do

In the summers, the Music on the Square series runs from July to September and brings the community free music from local and national music talent. In the past, the series has brought performers like an Electrifying tribute to Michael Jackson, to a Steely Dan & Chicago Tribute band. The only thing you need to bring to the square is yourself, some snacks, and a blanket to sprawl out on.
The Redwood City Improvement Association is offering residents an enchanting experience with the Magic Lantern 3-D Light Show every Tuesday. The light show features the work of world-renowned artist Bart Kresa. The light show covers the San Mateo County History Museum with 15 minutes of bursts of light and color that is family-friendly and captivating.


Redwood City has exceptional schools serving K-12 that emphasize the importance of education. 

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