Los Altos Hills

Its placement is also distant enough to keep any background noise well at bay.

Welcome to Los Altos Hills

The hillsides where nature and luxury harmonize.
Los Altos Hills spans across a swath of land surrounding a stretch of Interstate 280, which runs right along the center of the region. This interstate’s proximity affords residents the comfort and convenience that comes with speedy commutes. However, its placement is also distant enough to keep any background noise well at bay.
The region is entirely designed with nature in mind; from the tall trees that blanket the hillsides to the lakes and ranches dotted throughout the area. Los Altos Hills residents have privacy and near isolation due to the stretches of forests that divide the city’s sparsely planted residences. With these benefits in mind, residents of the area can easily enjoy the calming placidity of nature’s bounty combined with the stress-free conveniences of modern luxury.

 What to Love

  •  Quick and easy commute along arrowed roads
  •  Ranches and wildlife to enjoy
  • Calming seclusion and privacy
  • A system of hiking trails throughout the area’s dense forests
  •  With a population below 10,000, your privacy and comfort are guaranteed.

Local Lifestyle

Despite being a quiet residential community, Los Altos Hills maintains a unique California feel and sense of community. Los Altos Hills is an active community where residents enjoy walking and jogging along immaculate tree-lined streets or taking long drives in the countryside. The landscape has untouched beauty in much the same vein as the native Ohlone people that first settled in the region thousands of years prior. Los Altos High hiking trails are miles long through beautiful parks perfect for walking the dog or going for a bike ride. For some good conversation, hang out at a local coffee shop or winery. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, you’ll find like-mindedness in this community — a love of academia, innovation, arts, and culture.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

To preserve the privacy and calming atmosphere of Los Altos Hills, all major shopping centers in the area can be found throughout its neighboring cities just a short drive away. A couple of the nearest commercial districts like the Rancho or Village Court shopping centers can be found in neighboring Los Altos.

Things to Do

Residents of Los Altos Hills will find no shortage of activities to bring them closer to mother nature. The Fremont Country Club and the Los Altos Hills Horsemen’s Association have various outdoor amenities such as a tennis court, pools, and horseback rides. The Fremont Country Club also provides various picnic and BBQ areas, so the whole family can get involved.
The Hidden Villa can often be seen as the city’s star attraction. Residents can learn about and enjoy every aspect of the great outdoors one on one together as a family with dozens of ways to participate and go hands-on with everything this beautiful land has to offer including learning the ins and outs of managing a small-scale farm.
The Fremont Country Club offers members of all ages a variety of amenities including a summer camp, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and fitness/exercise centers.


Los Altos Hills has two public school districts with high rankings as well as several first-rate private schools.

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